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: The two conditions when a form is not disposed on Close is when (1) it is part of a multiple-document interface (MDI) application, and the form is not visible; and (2) you have displayed the form using Show Dialog.

В последнее время часто вижу движуху на тему «синглтоны зло».

An application singleton design pattern has a single process running an application.

An attempt to start another process running the same application results in the first process taking over and performing some appropriate action, like opening a new window or a file, with the second process terminating and not taking any action.

2) Since the destructor is virtual and the *obj is of type derived why will the destructor of Singleton be called. jack, I think you should look a bit more into OO in C - 1) If you delete your object, it attempts to delete itself, which will cause it to attempt to delete itself, which will cause it to delete itself, which will...

Of course, be sure you're not abusing the Singleton pattern.

With an application singleton design pattern, a single process executes the action defined by running another application process.

implements an application singleton design pattern by, essentially, establishing socket connections from multiple processes that run the same application to individual threads within a single process, which forms the singleton.

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Да что там, даже обычная shared-либу можно обозвать синглтоном.