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More and more it’s become common to feel a sense of anxiety when having a drink at a familiar dive rather than a feeling of comfort, knowing that the bar’s end could be signaled by a despondent blogpost at any time.Friedberger has watched many turn-of-the-21st-century Brooklyn places come and go, mostly through the lens of her former band, the Fiery Furnaces, which she formed with her brother Matthew back in 2000.In 2011, The Fiery Furnaces went on hiatus, with both Friedberger siblings embarking upon solo careers.

For 2013's Personal Record, Friedberger crafted a set of songs that paid homage to the introspective pop of the '70s.She returned late in 2015 with the single "False Alphabet City," a companion piece to visual artist Sara Magenheimer's film False Alphabets that was also Friedberger's first release for Frenchkiss Records.The Spoon song "Anything You Want" and the Franz Ferdinand song "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" are both written about her.is previously known for her work in Chicago power-pop harmonie-musik The Fiery Furnaces, a band she created with her brother Matthew at the turn of the millennium.“Eleanor Friedberger’s music improves on silence”: there’s your headline.

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It’s true, of course; the city’s state of flux is its only constant—even the most sacred of mainstays cannot be relied on for any long stretch of time.

Many of the venues, bars, and shops that made north Brooklyn such a magical place to the generation of artists who first signed leases in the early aughts are gone.

The album was recorded live to tape with producer Clemens Knieper on a farm in upstate NY with her backing band, Icewater.

You can watch a trailer for the album, featuring Eleanor and the band recording “He Didn’t Mention His Mother,” below and check out the finished version of that song, too.

The area is a hot spot for picnics and leisurely strolls during the city’s warm months, and is just one of the many things that have turned this part of north Brooklyn into such a coveted jewel for realtors and moneyed transplants alike.