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They’ve been inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2014.Formation and first recordings The musical duo of Hall & Oates consists of Daryl Hall (born Daryl Franklin Hohl in Pottstown, Pennsylvania on October 11, 1946) and John Oates (born John William Oates in New York City on April 7, 1948).

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However, it was on a chance encounter that Hall and Oates really got to know each other after finding out that they attended the same school as well as shared the same musical interest.

They began to write songs together and eventually shared a handful of apartments in the city.

The album yielded a Top 20 pop medley “The Way You Do the Things Tonight”/”My Girl.” Around the same time, Daryl Hall’s solo career did well at the moment.

His solo single “Dreamtime” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986, while the follow-up “Foolish Pride” peaked at #33 on the same chart.

The duo’s self-produced album also became gold- and platinum- selling releases.

By 1984, Hall and Oates became the biggest-selling and most successful duo in music history, surpassing erstwhile leaders the Everly Brothers in terms of chart success in both singles and albums.By the beginning of ‘80s I was into hard rock and new wave, so when Hall & Oates began their chart dominance of the early-‘80s (starting with their 1981 #1 smash, “Kiss On My List”), their streamlined melodic pop was the exact opposite of the music I loved.For the next couple of years, as they amassed another six Top 10 hits (including three more #1’s), I dismissed them as inconsequential fluff. Later that year, RCA Records released the 11-track compilation , and all of a sudden I understood the appeal of songs like “Private Eyes,” “Maneater” and “You Make My Dreams.” From that point forward I was a Hall & Oates fan, often to the bemusement of my hard rock-loving friends.It would take some more time for them before they formed themselves as a musical duo.Their debut album single “She’s Gone” would become a Top 10 hit when it was re-released in 1976.Daryl Hall & John Oates aka Hall and Oates were one of the most popular acts during the late 70s to mid 80s music.