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But I do think that you will find Cristina very appealing," Steve said."Now, you have me really intrigued. "Give me that number."Back at his office at the hospital, Owen pulled out the paper with Steve's unmistakable chicken scrawl. Went to Stanford for both undergraduate and law school.He cleared his throat before he dialled the number. When I was little, I decided I was going to be on the Supreme Court, one day, so I needed to be in law school to be able to do that.Owen was skeptical, so Steve added, "I also promised her a juicy case she can work on.""That's more like it," Owen said. Steve was right about her having the best hair west of the Mississippi. "My dress is too short and cut too low and is a little too snug everywhere. Little did she know that Owen was fully appreciating her dress choice. " he asked, as he called over the waiter to their table."Some white wine would be nice," she said."White wine for the lady and I will have another scotch on the rocks," Owen told the waiter. He's a good friend," Owen said."I can hardly believe that you were a geeky guy, Owen," Cristina said, smiling."Oh, yes, I was.

My family's house is not too far from here I am also an only child. The waiter brought their drinks and took their order. I wanted to do the same," he said."Well, you're a lot more altruistic than I am, Owen.

Went to med school at Harvard, served in Iraq and came back to join Seattle Grace as the Head of Trauma. For their main course, Owen ordered the wild salmon, while Cristina ordered the rib eye steak. "He was glad that she did not dwell too much on his first date slip. I guess that's why you served in Iraq," she answered. I think that I am sometimes blinded by my own ambition. That is so far from being altruistic."He replied, "Why sell yourself short?

He had not met anyone that he would even remotely consider dating, let alone entering into a full-blown relationship. He was a bit surprised by her forwardness."I was thinking Tulio's downtown. She entered the door and headed straight to the hostess to ask for Dr Hunt's table. Hunt," Cristina said, as she took his hand and shook it. He was a senior and I was a freshman and he took me under his wing and helped me through my first year of high school, for which I am grateful.

Since coming back to Seattle, his social life had been in the doldrums. Two years at this firm and she had only been working on these petty cases. Her record over the past two years had been impeccable. He kept staring at the door, scrutinizing every woman that came into the restaurant, wearing any semblance of red. She had hoped to arrive a little earlier but the taxi got caught in a traffic jam.

When she started kissing him back, he crushed those lips under his in a deep liplock.

She opened her mouth to accept his tongue, as their kisses deepened and became even more urgent.He looked at her outstretched hand and then stared into her eyes, "May I kiss you instead? If she was expecting a little smack on the lips, she was sadly mistaken, he thought.He took her face into his hands and started softly kissing those full, pink lips, waiting for her to respond to him.So, when Mc Kidd's birthday rolled around recently, she showed up to share in the festivities, and posted this pic of the two staging a mini Cristina and Owen reunion to make our feels spill right over the top of the cup.Yang might be notoriously uncomfortable with tears, but she'll have to get used to it because this pic just makes us CRY-slash-BEG for her to suit up in the white coat once more for Season 12, even if just for a quick cameo?They ate mostly in silence because they were both so hungry. I am sorry that I may not have made the best impression.