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Hammelburg, Franconia's oldest wine town (777 a.d.), is a wonderful holiday destination and a nice recreation stop for any time of the year.

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Although some men were able to scavenge for wood nearby, it still was not enough to keep the soldiers warm.The average temperature in the rooms at any time was estimated to be 20 °F (−7 °C). Initially, the men in camps were given a diet of 1,700 calories (7,100 k J) a day, well below the 2000 calories recommended daily allowance for men doing no work.The seven 5-room buildings each were crowded with two hundred men.One small room was to house 40 prisoners on bunk beds, while coal was rationed out to heat the furnaces at a rate of just 48 briquettes per stove every 3 days.Conditions at the camp were miserable for both the prisoners and their guards.

The winter of 1944 was considered one of the coldest on record.

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As a basis for working together in the foundation facilities, the Carl von Heß'sche Sozialstiftung (Carl von Heß Social Foundation) has set itself the following main goals: We want to be a PLACE to LIVE: We offer 435 spaces in six facilities for inpatient or temporary care in single or double rooms, as well as providing day care and assisted living.

Nursing rates for the individual retirement homes can be found on each facility's website.

Task Force Baum was a secret and controversial World War II task force set up by U. Camp Hammelburg, located just 1.8 miles (3 km) south from its namesake town, was originally used as a military training ground before World War I and again before World War II.

One camp (Stalag XIII-C) was for Allied enlisted men, while the other (Oflag XIII-B) was used for Allied officers.