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Politicians have chosen not to oppose the wave of xenophobia sweeping across the country, but […] Although some countries that are not EU members participate in the Erasmus student exchange programme, it is unclear whether the UK will continue its participation following Brexit.

Charlie Cadywould writes that educational and cultural exchanges will be vital for ensuring Britain does not close itself off from Europe, but that programmes like Erasmus need to do a much better […] Northern Ireland held elections on 2 March against the backdrop of the UK’s preparations for leaving the European Union.

Janice Morphet writes that Brexit raises several important questions about Northern Ireland’s status within the UK which could also have a major impact on the nature of devolution across the rest of the country.

But there is still plenty to play for, argues Simon Hix.With a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement, we could limit the economic damage.To find out more, see a list of the cookies used by the site and, if you wish, to disable those cookies, please read our privacy policy here.By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.The Conservative party’s relationship with the EU has come a long way since Edward Heath urged the UK to be ‘inside Europe’.

Euroscepticism has a long history in the party, but the drift of public, media and Tory sentiment away from European unity crystallised in 1988 under Margaret Thatcher.Neither Labour nor the Conservatives have been honest with voters about immigration policy, and that shows little signs of changing after a hard Brexit.The gap between rhetoric and reality has given politicians the opportunity to indulge in populist promises.[…] Settling the UK’s financial obligations to the EU could cost up to €60bn.Iain Begg explains why the figure is so high, looks at whether there is much scope for negotiation and asks what would happen if Britain simply refused to pay.Janice Morphet assesses what the process will mean for the United Kingdom, writing that with a second independence referendum looming in Scotland, and a difficult picture emerging in Northern Ireland, the British Prime Minister could be soon be fighting on two fronts […] Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon will meet today to discuss the triggering of Article 50, which will begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union.