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The prize-ceremony will take place immidiately after the top six of the women have crossed the finishing-line.

Ceremony will take place on the stage right at the finishing-line.

The starting number is sent to you as phone-message and email at the beginning of May, and of course you can check your startnumber on the attendee list with There will be five refreshment-depots along the route as well as the catering one in the finishing-area. At each depot, there will be servings in both sides of the road.

In both sides the setup is the same: first part is energy drink, last part is Aquador springwater – both clearly marked. At pm, it’s time to prepare for the start and find your starting place.

Lillebaelt Half Marathon is organized by the club “Lillebælt i Løb” after IAAF´s rules.

-Participants must wear the official start number for Lillebaelt Half Marathon visibly on the chest throughout the race.

The route is measured by DAF (Danish Association of Athletics Federation) and thus approved to put the records on.

responsible for the online registration and the official timing. Results from the race will be available on Sportstiming’s website, from where you can also print your diploma – and get links to all the fotos.Brutto-time =from the starting-signal = till you cross the starting-line.Netto-time =from you cross the starting-line = till after the race you pass the finishing-line.-You must obey all traffic-rules and any instructions from officials must be respected.-If a participant is prevented from attending the race, there is no claim of repayment – whatsoever. By the online registration you confirm you participate at your own risk.After the start the participants runs across the bridge, then they make a loop in Fredericia and runs back across the bridge. There are prizes for the six first men and six first ladies.