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She has to cope with gender issues, but that is not relevant for either Sarah Lund or Saga Norén, whoare fighting themselves more than their male colleagues.Ten to fifteen years ago female characters sparked our curiosity, but now at DR we’ve started to look at the male characters – what happened to the men while we were all looking at the women?

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A lot of titles are currently being published in this particular genre.

Is there any connection with the success of the TV shows? These days it seems like readers and viewers can’t get enough of crime stories, whatever the platform. 5/ Another common point is that lead characters are women.

Things have changed quickly over the last few years.

Do producers, TV channels and other partners in the industry realise that Denmark has a lot to bring to the table?

He looked at the American way and adapted it into a Danish model.

The motto “one vision” forms the core of this development.The Danish television industry, which was long seen as lacking what it takes to be influential, has built this new chapter of its history on firm foundations: a vivid storytelling tradition established by internationally acclaimed directors such as Lars von Trier, Nicolas Winding Refn and Thomas Vinterberg.Thanks to them, boundaries were pushed back, the barrier of language was overcome and shows like Forbrydelsen, Borgen and Broen paved the way for others. 1/ Danish TV shows are enjoying what we might call a golden age.I’m out of production now and that is a big change.It’s a great pleasure to be in charge of so many accomplished people who are working at the drama department at DR.I think the language partly explains why it took ten to twenty years.