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In the early 1950s the Church body was transformed into an umbrella, after its prior ecclesiastical provinces had assumed independence in the late 1940s.

Following the decline in number of parishioners due to the German demographic crisis and growing irreligion, the Church was subsumed into the Union of Evangelical Churches in 2003.

After being the favoured state church of Prussia in the 19th century, it suffered interference and oppression at several times in the 20th century, including the persecution of many parishioners.

In the 1920s the Second Polish Republic and Lithuania, and in the 1950s to 1970s East Germany, the People's Republic of Poland, and the Soviet Union, imposed permanent or temporary organisational divisions, eliminated entire congregations, and expropriated church property, transferring it either to secular uses or to different churches more favoured by these various governments.

In the course of the Second World War, Church property was either damaged or destroyed by strategic bombing, and by war's end many parishioners fled from the advancing Soviet forces.

After the war, complete ecclesiastical provinces vanished following the flight and expulsion of Germans living east of the Oder-Neiße line.Durch unsere ausgeklügelte Aufnahmeprüfung von Mitgliedern kannst Du dir sicher sein, nur mit echten Personen in Kontakt zu treten.Erlebe jetzt prickelnde Erotik mit Gleichgesinnten. Deine Daten werden selbstverständlich streng vertraulich behandelt.One year after he ascended to the throne in 1798, Frederick William III, being summus episcopus (Supreme Governor of the Protestant Churches), decreed a new common liturgical agenda (service book) to be published, for use in both the Lutheran and Reformed congregations.The king, a Reformed Christian, lived in a denominationally mixed marriage with the Lutheran Queen Louise (1776–1810), which is why they never partook of the Lord's Supper together.Niemand aus Deinem Umfeld kann von der Nutzung etwas mitbekommen.